Friday, 23 February 2007

A Blast from The Past

Last year, 2006, I had a short story, Out of the Valley, published by Velvet Mafia ( ). Apart from the usual pleasure at being published, deep down I felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

I originally wrote Out of the Valley fifteen years ago, only weeks after the break-up of my first relationship. At the time, it really was writing as therapy. Basically I took four real-life incidents, four things that happened to me as I didn't get over my ex, and added two further fictional scenes that had an almost desperately positive feel to them. Writing it went a long way to helping me deal with my feelings, that almost crushing failure that my first relationship went belly-up so quickly; when I’d finished it I just put it to one side.

I didn't exactly forget about it but I did put it on the back burner. Then, last year, I was looking for something that might be suitable for Velvet Mafia I came back to it. I re-read it and found it was about an obsessive love, a man not getting over his ex - was I really like that? Well I re-wrote it, added the adult scenes (i.e. sex scenes) that had only been hinted at, changed the ending to take out the over romantic one (adding one more fitting to the character) and then sent it off to Velvet Mafia. After some further re-writes they published it.

It was re-reading Out of the Valley that I realised how much I’d changed and how much my writing style has changed. In re-writing it I also found myself changing the narrator, he's no longer me but then I’m not the person who originally wrote it.

For so long I wrote in a vacuum, writing short stories that I never showed to anyone. Out of the Valley was one of those stories. It is satisfying that, years later, it still contained something good and, with some work, was able to be published.

(If you read it please be warned that it does contain adult themes and senses)


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