Saturday 13 September 2008

Work, Work and All Work.

I’ve been silent on this blog for far too long, and my only excuse is that I’ve been so busy. It’s been a combination of my job been so busy and having to sort out the sale of a flat, there’s been so little for writing and I’ve missed it. I know this sounds like a little chorus of “Poor Me”, but it’s just what happened. It is strange how much I missed writing, it’s there in my blood.

Well I’m back on the horse, so to speak, and writing a lot. Things have eased up a bit, mainly because we’re on two weeks annual leave and have time to ourselves. Martin has been taking lots of photographs and I’ve been writing.

Next week I’ve got a half page opinion piece in Nursing Times. This is about healthcare’s poor attitude to weight loss and obesity. Basically, in England, the opinion seems to be if you’re over weight it’s your fault. There is very little help for people trying to loose weight.

I have also gone back to writing a series of short stories about a vicar’s wife who solves mysteries. This may sound like a twee ripe-off of Agatha Christie but I want to grow the stories very much in modern day. These stories deal with jealousy, patricide, blackmail, murder and deception. I choose an amateur detective because I know so little about police procedure it would have been laughable but I wanted an amateur detective that was at least passably believable. With a vicar’s wife I can have a character would has a reason to be involved in other’s lives. Different members of her parish come to her with problems and she solves them, though I hope the problems reflect far more on the twenty-first century then the nineteen-thirties. There’s an American publisher I hope I can interest in them, I just have to write enough of them.


P.S. The picture I’ve posted with this is one of my partner, Martin’s.