Friday 23 February 2007

A Blast from The Past

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Nursing Standard’s Gay History Month Special

Welcome to the first entry on my new blog (Yes, yes, I know well behind everyone else, even Paris Hilton was here before me). I intend to keep it as a journal of my writing career to date so, if you’re interested, you can follow it. I’ll try and keep this updated as regularly as possible but no real promises.

The most important thing I have done this year is act as guest editor, for the second time, for Nursing Standard magazine ( on their Gay History month special. I wrote the editorial, a career’s article (on gay men’s barriers to accessing health) and a book review. It’s hard to say what a privilege this is, Nursing Standard is one of the biggest British nursing magazines and they asked me back to be the guest editor again – I guess they like me. I learnt so much from being the guest editor first time, doing so gave my writing career the kick start it needed and gave me a much appreciated boost of confidence. So often I write and write, finally screw up my confidence to actually send off one piece and then never hear anything back about it, or worse still get a two line rejection letter (“Your writing does not fit our style”!!) months down the line. With Nursing Standard the feedback was there and then and they were more then happy with my work.

Afraid my novel has been pushed to the back burner, somewhat, but watch this space, as they say.