Thursday 8 November 2012

Read Me On Amazon!

Finished By Hand (an Xcite Books collection of five erotic m/m stories) was published three days ago on Amazon and my short story, Two in a Bed, is one of those stories. I nearly screamed with delight when I saw it!

This is the first time anything I have written has been available on Amazon and it’s amazingly exciting. So many different people can have access to it and read it and, hopefully, enjoy it, and to the vast majority of them I’ll only be a name on a page. It’ll be my writing that they will see and I love that thought. I also love that people think my writing is good enough to be published in this collection.

My story, Two in a Bed, is about two old school friends re-connecting, years later, and finding they have a shared attraction, which they had back at school, and finally acting on it. It’s about acting on those on a long ago and secret teenage crush. Often in fiction, this would be a tragedy, the object of the character’s crush rejecting him, but here it’s a little more positive and with a lot more sex (!!).

This is also an erotic story and so there is a lot of sex in it, and that was the hardest part (NO pun intended) to write. I find sex scenes so difficult to write because it’s so easy to get them wrong. Write it in porn-style, all in-and-out and unrealistic activity, and it sounds shallow and does nothing with the characters. Over write it, all hearts and flower and euphemisms for body parts, and it’s laughable (They have awards for bad sex writing for a reason!). I try to concentrate on the characters and what they want or expect from sex, what is going through their mind during this sex, and I try to keep the sex within a realistic story (Most porn certainly seems to ignore this!). I hope it works.

Anyway, if you want you can judge for yourself. Finished By Hand can be downloaded here. If you hurry you can download it for free, for the next couple of days, otherwise you will have to the full price of £1.28…

Happy reading.