Thursday 2 April 2009

Time Makes Liars Out of All of Us

Only a handful of days ago I was complaining (though trying to do it in a gentle tone) about noting having anything published (in print or on the web), well today that changed.

In the post I received my complimentary copy of Nursing Standard, complimentary because in this week’s copy I have had an article published. The article is giving advice to nurses (though the advise can apply to all works in the UK) about what to do if they find they are being transferred from one employer to another (The TUPE legislation here in the UK). This might sound a dirt subject but it’s still a very important one, many nurses are facing a change of employer as yet again we’re facing re-organisation in how healthcare is delivered, also those working in the private section are facing this with the credit crunch as one company takes over another.

The article itself can be found in this week’s edition of Nursing Standard (April 1-7 2009) or via their online edition at:

Just receiving this magazine gave me such a boost. It is so affirming to have something of mine published because it shows that I can write something that people want to read, that I’m not just playing at this.