Sunday 29 March 2009

And The World Slows Down.

For my writing getting out there, into the world at large, March has been a very quiet month. So quiet I feel ashamed to admit it. I have had nothing published but it’s not for want of trying.

I have been sending out so many different pieces, to different publications, but with no success. Whenever I have got a reply, and that can be very infrequently, it has been that my writing isn’t what they are “looking for”, though they don’t mention how my writing could be altered to be “their style”. So often, I wonder if they fully read or even begin to read what I have sent them.

It’s a complaint that I’ve made before but as a writer I am so much in the hands of editors. The good ones can really bring out the best in a writer, unfortunately they do seem rare. The majority of them seem to be of the type that label a piece “good” because they like it and don’t go much further than that, often you can be lucky if you get a reply out of them. Editors aren’t a “necessary evil” but a very important part of the publishing process, unfortunately good ones are so rare.

I carry on writing, though. At present I am working on several short stories revolving around murder, but my usual dark take on the subject. These are stories were murder is messy and destroys lives. Also, I’m working on non-fiction articles about modern nursing. I’m keeping myself busy writing, it’s still so important to me.

(The picture attached to this blog is one of the photographs taken by my partner Martin, it’s of one of the ornaments in our garden)