Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sometimes Things Do Happen

On 22nd May I blogged about the proposed changes to the way HIV Prevention is delivered to gay men in London (Not So Gay Health), yesterday I found out there has been some interesting developments. The plans that would completely destroy HIV Prevention have been put on hold. There will now be a review of these proposals with a public consultation.

The commissioners agreed that any new commissioning intentions will be: based on analysis of current services, consult with HIV Prevention Organisations, comply with statutory obligations and be overviewed.

The Compact Advocacy Programme at the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have said that these proposals (The unbelievably bad idea of “Health Interviews”) have broken various codes of the Compact Agreement between government and the voluntary sector because they tried to push them through very quickly and with virtually no consultation. An NHS spokesman has said that the commissioners will continue to fund the existing services whilst a new consultation is held.

Full details of the Commissioning Intentions and Public Consultation can be found at

I read this with a sigh of relief; somebody had actually stopped and took a look at what was happening. The proposal is still on the table but there is now a level playing field and the extremely good work that has gone before will not be ignored. We now stand a good chance of saving our services. It isn’t over but I’m going to ignore it.


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