Friday, 28 December 2007

Some Seasonal Work

When I was a child my family went through a short period of going to a pantomime each Christmas, it didn’t that many years, but for that short while it was the only experience I had of live theatre as a child – it was a pale shadow of what live theatre can be. I can’t say the experience has scarred me for life or anything, but pantomime is not my favourite form of live theatre.

I’ve had a very seasonal short story published on the You Read Online Dot Com website, called Prince Charming. It is set around an amateur dramatic society’s production of Cinderella and focuses on Harriet, the woman playing Princess Charming. She finds this role eye-opening in many ways. The story can be found at: .

Please have a read of it, it’s only short, and leave your comments about it on the website.


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