Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Something Important

“I hope my Equal Marriage film wakes us all up to support changing the law.” Mike Buonaiuto, director of the above film.

All my life I’ve just wanted equality. Not special treatment, not favoritism, not any “gay agenda”; I’ve just wanted the same rights as everyone else.

When I was in my twenties I dreamed of equality, it seemed so far away. The government, of the day, called same-sex relationships “pretend family relationships”, the Prime Minister said no one had a “right” to be gay and they passed a law making it illegal to “promote” homosexuality. All this cheered on, with disguising levels of homophobia, by the newspapers, the church and the establishment.
Today things have changed, but not everything is equal, by any means.

The government has introduced plans for Equal Civil Marriage. We have Civil Partnerships but they didn’t give all the protections that Civil Marriage does. This isn’t about special “Gay Marriage” or about “watering down marriage”, and certainly isn’t an attack on any religion; it’s about equality pour and simple. But already the bigots and homophobes are circling and making these claims, and worse, and they are making their voices heard, even though they only speak for a minority.

Please help and make your voice heard.

There’s an Official Home Office survey on the introduction of equal civil marriage, which can be filled out online here. I’ve done so, because I know the bigots are already filling it in.

There’s also the Coalition for Equal Marriage, and their website can be found here. They have a petition you can sign and lots more resources.

The bigots are already out there with their lies and doctored statists, please don’t let them win.


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