Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Breaking My Silence.

I haven’t posted anything for weeks now and that has simply been because of our move. We had the usual chaos that comes with moving home, we’re living out of hundreds of boxes, we’re still having large problems finding things (we’re playing the guessing game of “Now Which Box Could It Be In?”) and we’re painfully short of furniture (this is what happens when you move from a flat to a house). The worse problem was that we had no internet for so long. It seemed that a “block” was put on our telephone line stopping us getting internet access; they said that this “block” was because the people who lived here before us had cancelled their internet connect and the “block” was while their connect was cancelled – strangest thing was this was going to takes weeks to be removed until I threaten the telephone company with complaints and the “block” was removed in five minutes. This “block” was a nightmare, I didn’t realise how much I use the internet until it wasn’t available. Well, now we’re finally connected and I’m back in the 21st Century.

Our new home means that I now have an office to write in (well one corner of the front bedroom), which at the moment I share with a lot of boxes. Since we moved here my writing has been really invigorated, I’m certainly writing more, so hopefully I’ll have more news about pieces I’ve had or will have published. It’s certainly a pleasure to have somewhere were I can simply come and write.

Recently I had a flash fiction short story (a short story under 1,000 words) published on Gay Flash Fiction online journal ( It is called Those Moments and is about a man (the narrator) at his father’s funeral and looking back at his relationship with his father, their relationship right at the end of the father’s life. It’s one of my usual happy little tails. It also deals with a theme I have always been interested in, the relationship between fathers and sons. It seems such a basic and natural relationship, yet it is often such a difficult and complex one.

Unfortunately I can’t give a direct link to Those Moments, because of the way the website has been created all the pages have the same web address. If you to Gay Flash Fiction, click on the link to Stories then the link to Those Moments is listed there.


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