Wednesday, 25 April 2007

If I Believed in Conspiracy Theories?

Again we’ve been without the internet for nearly five days, this time we were also without the telephone, and it has been a nightmare. If I believed in conspiracy theories I’d say they were out to get us (does this make me sound like I’m off my medication?), but I don’t believe in them. I do believe that our telephone provider is incompetent and couldn’t organise the flushing of a toilet.

I do miss the internet when it isn’t there. When I’ve got access without a problem I almost take it for granted, it’s just there and ready for whenever I need it. When it’s not there it’s almost a nightmare, gone are my emails and I can’t access websites I need to. When it’s not there it is like a dark hole has appeared and I can nothing about it. I’m so glad its back.

I don’t have any new publication news; I am still waiting to hear about so many different pieces and approaches I’ve made. It’s the Waiting Game and this is the part I hate the most. I am so much at the mercy of others; will they like my writing, will they publish my piece, will I even get a reply? I know the thrill of publication is great, and wipes away so many bad memories, but this soulless waiting seems to just drag upon my hands.

At the moment I am busy writing two book reviews, of nursing text books, and continuing to work upon my novel. The book reviews are not difficult, they just require me to be concise (something that I’m not always known for), and I do get to keep the books at the end of it. My novel is my pride and joy. It is a fantasy story about a boy who can travel between different worlds, as he searches for his missing mother. I have found myself getting more and more drawn into the plot, characters and worlds of this story; I have also found that a fantasy setting gives me far more freedom to write about subjects that interest me. I can write about the trails of growing-up, being an outsider, trying to find your identity in life and the relationship between and parent and child. I can also fill the story with lesbian and gay characters, and other outsiders. It’s a genre I almost stumbled across and yet I am finding so much freedom in it. This is also my first novel and just finishing it will be a triumph.


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