Monday, 9 July 2007

Based On A True Story

Last week I had an article published in Nursing Standard magazine, I seem to be getting a regular with them. This one was basically advice to nurses who have received notices telling them that their jobs are “at risk” – i.e. they’re at risk of being made redundant. It is quite a horrible thought; I live in a society that actually makes nurses redundant.

This article first started life when I worked for NHS Direct. Last year they had a “Consultation Period” when they were threatening staff with redundancy because they had over-estimated their budget (Of course the Senior Management who made the mistakes weren’t being threatened with redundancy). My colleagues were stressed out of their minds and no one knew exactly what redundancy entailed – we were NHS staff and traditionally the NHS has been short of staff, not having too many and making them redundant. During that period I learnt a lot about redundancy. I was not the only nurse to live that nightmare. I since turned that experience into an article for Nursing Standard magazine.

It’s not the best experience to write about but nurses are still facing the threat of redundancy, they shouldn’t be left without any support. I was also able to get a mention in it to my friend Sally’s website ( ), she’s an excellent Life Coach and she deserves all the publicity she can get.


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