Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Little Catching Up...

Sometimes I have items accepted for publication and they only appear months later, other times they appear and I only find out about it weeks later. The latter happened to me this week, I found that my short story, Prince Charming, had been published in the Christmas Edition of ABCTales Mag ( It’s about a middle aged woman who discovers her masculine side when she cross-dresses to play Prince Charming in her local amateur dramatics’ production of Cinderella. It has one of my familiar themes, finding our real selves, though it has have a Christmas setting, so happy reading.

Here’s something different. Martin, my partner, has started his own blog ( ). He’s a keen photographer and his blog is a showcase for his photographs (his pictures have illustrated many previous entries on this blog). He has set himself the taste of taking at least one photograph a day and publishing it. As you can see, if you read back through his blog, that he certainly has a good for a picture.


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