Monday, 18 January 2010

Some More Examples of Me.

Last week I had another review published in Nursing Standard magazine. This one was of The Coalition on Men and Boys website. There was an interesting premise behind it, looking that the unique problems faced by men in this society (whether that is health, emotional or physical), unfortunately there was little resources on the site. I had fun stretching that to 200 words.

Here’s some more of my writing that has been published in the last few months.

Boxing Day 1975
This story is a coming of age story about a seven year old boy. On the day in question, he realises he is far more attracted to handsome men then pretty women, thanks to a television showing of the film One Million Years B.C.

The Pizza Boy Cometh
A cautionary tale about a man who is faced with the reality of his sexual fantasies. He works delivering pizzas and has that porn story fantasy about a customer giving him that “extra large” tip, but the reality is far different...

Saying Goodbye To Mickey
This horror story uses that old cliché of the Ouija Board, but this time it isn’t about a group of teenagers. Four friends gather for a dinner party. One of them, George, has recently lost his partner, Mickey, to cancer. The Ouija Board is used to help George to say Goodge to Mickey, but some things should be left unsaid…

His Story
This story, of linked shorter stories, follows the experiences of one gay man as he tries to come to terms with his past. As a teenager he was involved in the Ex-Gay movement, Evangelical Christians who believe they can change gay people’s sexuality by questionable means, and the long damage that they have left within him.

The full story of how I came to write this story can be found in my earlier blog, Based on A True Story ( It was originally published on the Rainbow Network website, but since they folded I was able to move this story to the above link.


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