Saturday, 2 May 2015

Vote, Vote, Vote, Maybe? (Part 6)

Further on yesterday's blog.

Yesterday afternoon I got an email reply from the Liberal Democrat candidate, Paul Reynolds. This morning, in the post, I received a letter from the Labour Candidate, Lyn Brown.

I suppose I should be happy now, four out of the five main candidates have finally replied to my email, but it all feels very hollow. How many of those replies would I have got if I hadn't badgered them through social media?

Yes, they are busy campaigning (So they say though I have seen very little of it in my area) but they are not doing it alone. They have assistants, other people involved in their campaigns, volunteers and an organised political part behind them. I emailed them with plenty of time, I spent my email out on the 5th April, and it was only when I started blogging about it, and sending links to those blogs directly to the candidates that I started to get replies from them, before that I hadn't even got an acknowledgement of my email.

As I posted yesterday, campaigning in my area has been pitiful, a handful of fliers pushed through our front door and that's all. I would love the chance to quiz these candidates face-to-face but I haven't see any local events or campaigning.

Is politics losing touch with the voters, is it being run just for the benefit of politicians or am I just getting too cynical?


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