Thursday, 3 May 2007

Be Healthy and Eat Right.

The latest edition of FS Magazine is out ( ), and is also available for download as a PDF file. If you turn to page 26 you’ll find “Keep Your Balance”, an article by me about eating a Balanced Diet and what exactly that is.

FS Magazine is a health magazine, in the vein of Men’s Health and those sort of publications, but aimed at gay men. It’s given away free all over London, but can also be downloaded from the above link. Its editorial line is that gay men need a good quality advice on all aspects of their lives, not just the single subject of safer sex. That’s not to say safer sex and HIV/AIDS prevention are ignored, but that’s only one part of gay men’s health needs. FS Magazine covers everything from relationships to sport, from sex to healthy living and everything in-between. It’s an approach that I, as a nurse, fully agree with.

I’ve been writing for FS Magazine for two years now and have found it one of the best and beneficial writing experience so far. In that time I have learnt how to put an article together and how to pitch it for a targeted readership, I’ve also learnt how to get my information across without sounding patronising or talking down to the readers – a lesson worth its weight in gold. Cary James, FS Magazine’s editor, has been a great help and encouragement to me. He’s the type of editor who supports a writer, not the type who sends out two line rejections that give no hints on how a piece can be improved.

I first meet Cary many years ago when he was editor of The Pink Paper and interviewed me about my experiences, as a teenager, of the ex-gay movement. Now he’s an editor I writer regularly for. I find it strange and fascinating how people seem to come around in circles in my life. I meet them, some times only once, loss touch and then years later I meet into them again. For me, the world can seem a very small place.


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