Thursday, 10 May 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I’ve been kept busy, this last week, writing. It is amazing what a new injection of life my creative energies have received since we moved here, not least to say how easy it is to write now that I have the space to do so. I now spend several hours a day writing. This week alone I have sent off ten short stories and articles to different publications. Unfortunately, I’ve heard nothing back from them. Now begins that awful waiting game, which can go on for months, as I am at the mercy of ten different editors. I wish there was a quick way to do this but, in general, editors seem to take an age to decide anything and even longer to tell you.

I’ve also been busy writing for Nursing Standard. I’ve finished one review (the book was crap and very prejudiced which made writing the review bloody hard, I just wanted to put “Don’t read this rubbish!”), am preparing an article to submit to them and am about to start another book review for them (hopefully this book looks a lot more interesting).

I continue to write Flash Fiction and am getting some very positive feedback from that. I’m putting together three Flash Fiction stories to submit for an anthology, so here’s fingers crossed over that.

Here are links to some previous pieces I’ve had published by Nursing Standard.

This is the editorial I wrote, for Lesbian & Gay History Month, the first time I was guest editor:

This is one of the articles I’ve had published in their Careers section, it is about career progression:

Here’s a listing of some of the other articles I’ve had published with them:


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