Tuesday, 15 May 2007

It’s All Swings and Roundabouts

Sometimes it all feels like swings and roundabouts, something good happens and then it’s knocked back by something bad (or just not good). Call it Karma, call it Natural Law, call it “Oh, great…” but it does seem to happen a lot.

Yesterday I had an article accepted for publication and inside twelve hours later I was told that a short story, I sent to a different publication, had been rejected. So often the negative can knock the shine off something positive, but I have to hold onto the positive otherwise I won’t be able to get out of bed in the morning.

The positive is that Nursing Standard have accepted the article I sent to them, they accepted it with almost no changes needed (some publications change what I write so much you’d never guess that I had written it). Good old Nursing Standard have been so good to me. The down side is the subject of the article, it is an advice article for nurses who are looking at redundancy. Nurses are now being made redundant, what is our society coming to? There is a shortage of nurses in this country, we haven’t been training enough nurses for years and we actually recruit (poach) them from other countries, and now nurses are being made redundant. And the government tries to tell us that the Health Service is the best it has ever been, all I’m feeling is déjà vu because this was happening fifteen years ago.


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