Thursday, 3 May 2007

Under The Radar.

Yesterday, 1st May 2007, The Equality Bill came into law, here in Britain. It makes illegal to refuse to offer anyone a public service on grounds of their sexuality. Therefore anyone providing a public service (not just the Public Sector, but anyone, whether they’re a shopkeeper, hotelier, running any sort of business that looks to the general public as costumers) can not turn someone away because of their sexuality. But if you had been following the media you’d never knew because there was barely a whisper about it being finally passed into law.

Earlier this year we saw the ugly sight of the Church of England, the Catholic Church and almost every other Christian group in the country opposing this bill. They claimed (untruthfully) that this bill was prejudiced against them (Sic!) because it gave equal rights to Lesbians and Gay Men. They wanted the right to carry on using their traditional homophobia, as if this was “right” and equality for Lesbians and Gay Men was “wrong”. Well, all the emotional blackmail and downright lies of these religious groups came to nothing and the Equality Bill is now law.

I have this to say to all those Christians who predicted that the Equality Bill would destroy our society, it has been law for one whole day and I see no cracks appearing in our society...


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Laura said...

Hi Drew,
Laura Baumbach here. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the note of support you left on my blog and let you know how much I appreciate it. You were very kind.
Laura Baumbach