Thursday, 19 July 2018

My Blogs Featuring Jeremy Hunt

These are the links to blogs where I discuss Jeremy Hunt’s handling of the NHS, either blogs that are discussing his handling of a certain situation or that they are discussing a certain situation and make reference to Hunt’s behaviour.

Readthe Small Print Before Signing


When You Just Don’t Understand the Situation


The 1% Problem


Their Lips are Moving but I Don’t Believe a Word That They Say...


Data Protection: Another Jeremy Hunt Failure


Tomorrow is the Day


The Computer Says No


Jeremy Hunt: The Man Who Doesn’t Understand Nursing?


Where Have All the EU Nurses Gone?


Is Failure Ever an Option?


And the Truth About Stress


Mrs May and the Act of Scapegoating


Stop Lying Jeremy


Just When I Thought the NMC Had Hit Rock Bottom…


Not in My Name


Four Corners of the Same Room


Sorry is the Easiest Word to Say


An Honest Day's Pay for an Honest Day's Work?


Why I am Supporting the Doctor's Strike, And It wasn't a Hard Decision


A Worrying Change



Drew Payne

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